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CHOO!UMAI! (Wow! So delicious!)

Introducing a blog about delicious Japanese food!

▼Sushi・Ramen ・Soba・Yakiniku ~ Delicious Japanese food!

We introduce images of delicious Japanese food such as sushi, ramen, and soba.

Introducing the foods that the average Japanese people like!


If you want to enjoy your trip to Japan, delicious food is a must!

Ramen, sushi, soba, katsudon, tempura... Japan's finest cuisine is all gathered here.

Enjoy a happy time with delicious food!

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▼Morioka Reimen(Morioka cold noodles)

Add red pepper to taste.

People in Morioka go out to eat cold noodles after drinking alcohol.

I also eat cold noodles for lunch and dinner.

Once you've tried Morioka cold noodles three times, you'll want to eat them again and again.

Morioka cold noodles are very delicious!





This is a shortcake from a popular shop in Japan!

I often buy this delicious cake for birthdays or when guests are coming over.

This cake is delicious and not too sweet!





Japanese people eat cold somen noodles in the hot summer.

Somen noodles can be eaten immediately after boiling for just 2 to 3 minutes.

It's delicious to add ginger to somen noodle soup.





▼Soba dango(Buckwheat dumplings)

I eat this as a dessert after eating soba at a soba restaurant! It's very delicious.






It's sushi delivered to your home!

Japanese people eat sushi together on birthdays and other special occasions.







▼Yakiniku(Grilled meat)

(叙々苑 Jojoen  → yakiniku is absolutely delicious!)

Sometimes I feel like eating some high-end yakiniku.






(Japanese people love soba!)

Common people love soba noodles.





▼Ramen&charhan(ramen and fried rice)

(Japanese people often order ramen and fried rice together!)

Men like to eat a set of ramen and fried rice.

ramen and fried rice






(Tendon is a Japanese favorite!  Tempura and rice)

Tendon topped with shrimp and scallop tempura is very delicious.





▼Roast beef bowl (roast beef and rice)

(Eggs and meat go well together!)

(The meat is soft and very delicious.)


Roast beef bowl






(Popular Jajamen in Morioka City)

(Eat noodles with meat and miso.)

After eating the noodles, you add an egg and make soup to drink.

Jaja noodles




▼Ramen with plenty of bean sprouts

(It's worth eating!)

This ramen will fill you up.





(Delicious ramen with chicken bone soup)

The chicken stock soup is very tasty.






(Japanese people love katsudon!)

Fried pork is mixed with egg and served on top of rice.






▼Black tonkotsu ramen

(The flavor of black melon oil is very effective and it is very delicious!)

The curly noodles go really well with the rich soup.

black tonkotsu ramen





▼Set of soba and mini tempura bowl

(Eat the mini tempura bowl with sauce. The combination with soba is absolutely delicious!)

Set of soba and mini tempura bowl





▼Japanese instant ramen

(Instant noodles can be made in about 5 minutes!)

Instant ramen can be bought at convenience stores for around 150 yen.

At home, you make it by boiling water in a pot and adding the noodles and soup.

Japanese instant ramen






(This is a very delicious Japanese sake!)







(The beef is tender and delicious!)

This beef is very tender and good quality.






▼Curry Rice

(This is a very delicious curry rice that I make at home!)

I made this at home with stewed pork and vegetables.

Curry Rice






(This is black tonkotsu ramen that you will want to eat over and over again!)






(This is delicious oden that I make at home!)

Japanese people love to eat oden in the winter. It is made by simmering fish paste, daikon radish, and boiled eggs.




(The set of katsudon and soba is very delicious!)

Japanese people like the set menu of katsudon and soba noodles.

(This char siu is a very delicious snack to go with alcohol!)
This is a meat dish that goes very well with alcohol.
(The rice ball and pork soup set is very delicious!)

(It's simple and ordinary ramen that the common people like!)

(These are the rice balls I made!)
I made my own rice balls.
▼Tenpura soba
(Tempura soba is a Japanese favorite!)

(Japanese men love fried rice and gyoza sets!)
Japanese people like to eat a combination of fried rice and dumplings.

(Japanese men love ramen and rice sets!)
The ramen and rice set is a standard menu item for office workers.

(The set of beef steak, rice and pork soup is very delicious!)
The Japanese style steak lunch is very delicious.

▼Vanilla ice cream
(I love strawberry parfait for dessert after dinner!)
For dessert after the meal, the parfait topped with ice cream is absolutely delicious.

strawberry parfait
▼Curry Rice
(Japanese people love curry and rice!)
The curry rice at the many chain restaurants in Japan is very delicious.

Curry Rice
(Japanese people love tempura and rice!)
It is topped with shrimp and squid tempura.

(Unagiju, which is eel served on rice, is a high class meal!)
Japanese people like to eat eel to prevent summer fatigue.

(It's a ramen that you eat by dipping the noodles into the soup!)
The noodles are dipped in the soup before eating.

(Japanese office workers like cheap and delicious soba and mini cutlet bowl sets!)

▼Hiyasiramen&Curry rice
(The cold ramen and curry rice set is a great combination!)
In the summer, I often eat cold ramen and curry.

Chilled Chinese ramen & curry rice
(It has a strong flavor and is very delicious!)

(It's really delicious when you eat katsudon with pickles!)
(Japanese people love Yakiniku!)
This is a yakiniku lunch that ordinary Japanese people can enjoy for around 2,000 to 3,000 yen.

▼Gyudon(beef bowl)
Yoshinoya Gyudon!
(I like to eat beef bowl with egg. It is very tasty!)
This is a regular-sized beef bowl from Japan's most famous beef bowl chain restaurant.
It can be eaten with the optional raw egg.

(This is the lunch box I made!)
Today I packed my own lunch.

(Delicious soy sauce ramen!)
I like soy sauce ramen.

▼Tenpura soba
(Tempura cold soba that you want to eat in summer!)
During the hot summer, I crave cold soba noodles topped with tempura.

(Beer and gyoza go very well together!)
Gyoza is the perfect snack to go with beer.
gyoza & beer
(Beer and ramen go together very well!)

(Japanese people love seafood bowl!)
The sashimi is served on top of rice.

▼Tenpura soba
(Japanese people eat Toshikoshi soba on December 31st!)

(Japanese people eat zoni on New Year's Day!)
This is a standard New Year's dish in Japan. It contains chicken, vegetables, and mochi in a soy sauce-based soup.

(Japanese people love apples!)

(Japanese people want to eat Yakiniku on a regular basis!)
Yakiniku goes very well with beer.
I drew and created icons of delicious Japanese food!
Perfect for eye-catching on blogs and other websites!
We will continue to create more fun icons!
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